Doctor Strange Inspired Edit Process

Hey everyone! For this week’s blog post I decided to show some details of what went into a Doctor Strange inspired edit I did recently. When the movie posters were released, I was absolutely amazed by the multi-dimensional look and creativity of them. One of them is displayed below. I wanted to re-create this look and put my photoshop skills to the test. All of the photos I used for this edit were taken by myself and composited into the final image at the end of this post.


I didn’t want to duplicate the above image exactly, so I made a few adjustments. I found this self-portrait I took in my archives and thought it would be a good base to work off of. Unfortunately I didn’t take progress photos of the edit itself. But I am going to show the order of how the images were incorporated into the edit.

The first thing I needed to do was adjust the sky in the above photo because it was rather plain. The below photo was from a gorgeous sunset and the colors would work perfectly for this edit.


I made some adjustments to the terrain by taking pieces of the cliffs in the photo below from Montauk.


This photo was used to create the imagery in the top right corner of the photo. I split the photo in half and rotated one half of the skyline 90 degrees and blended the water.


The next two photos are aerial helicopter shots and were great to include in this edit for another sense of perspective and dimension. For this one below I simply erased the sky.


I played around with this photo a ton and then thought it would be interesting to have myself walking on the side of Empire State Building. Then I blended in the rest of the skyline.


Finally I added the sun as a finishing touch to the sky. Here below is the final version of what I created! Let me know what you guys think! I really enjoyed creating it and look forward to more projects like this in the future.



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